On the road

This category covers most of my tours, sightseeing trips and not really planned adventures. Most entries are written in a diary perspective – just because I like.

My internship in London: Week 2

After the first week in London the second week followed, and it contained work, rugby and some New Year celebrations – jep, in February. Why, well all of this is explained in the second part of the mini-diary, but I have to warn about “some” pictures with food on them…

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My internship in London: Week 1

Since last sunday I am far far away from home, because my studies have to be completed with an internship, in which I can apply the theoretically learned stuff (theoretical is ambiguous here ^^) in a practical working environment. On one hand I think it is great that this is a part of the studies, on the other hand I wanted to use the opportunity to discover new areas. My dream destination for such an internship would have been the USA – of course, but since I did not find anything there, I arrived in London and what I experienced during the first week, including sightseeing, is part of this first part of the mini-diary…

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The Tom Beck concert in St. Vith

After the Fall Out Boy concert in October it was clear to me that I wanted to go on a concert of Tom Beck this year. Unfortunately, all of his concerts in Northrine-Westphalia were already in the past and the other places (Hamburg, Kiel and Munich) too far away or unorganizable, so that only the appearance in St. Vith in Belgium about 15 km from the German border remained…

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