Beside writing code I also like to write blog entries. They do not appear regularly, but from time to time. Most travel entries have the style of a diary. On this linked page you will find an overview of all story-like blog entries.

The Tom Beck concert in St. Vith

After the Fall Out Boy concert in October it was clear to me that I wanted to go on a concert of Tom Beck this year. Unfortunately, all of his concerts in Northrine-Westphalia were already in the past and the other places (Hamburg, Kiel and Munich) too far away or unorganizable, so that only the appearance in St. Vith in Belgium about 15 km from the German border remained…

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Never released: Formula E for Windows Phone

One of the apps I missed back in those times when I used a Windows Phone device was a Formula E app. That’s why I have created a half finished native XAML version based on the iOS and Android apps. The interest shown by the FIA was not that high though…

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