Wodel 1.4: Hashtags and other small things

Wodel 1.4 is here! 😀 After a longer time than expected it’s finally time for a new version available in the Windows Store. Beside the hashtag functions awaited by so many people out there this version brings a new menu design for desktop and tablet…

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Wodel 1.3 adds new functionalities for Jodel users on Windows

I haven’t published any news about the 1.2 update here, but now it’s time for version 1.3 of the unofficial Jodel app for Windows, Wodel. Version 1.3 adds various functions, that have been added to the official apps in the last months like the Hometown feature, but there also some Windows-specific things like Live Tiles and Cortana.

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PitlaneOne for Windows 10 now in the Store

It took me a little bit longer than expected, but finally it’s done: PitlaneOne for Windows 10 is ready. The unofficial Formula 1 app outside of the iOS-/Android universe is now back for Windows 10 computers and tablets…

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PitlaneOne is ready for Formula 1 season 2016

PitlaneOne is the only Formula 1 app for Symbian phones and one of the Formula 1 apps for Windows Phone devices. The app includes all important and relevant data, statistics, results and World Championship standings packed compactly and is ready for the new season 2016 season, which started with the Australia weekend on 18 March…

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Wodel brings Jodel as a Universal Windows app on your Windows 10 device

Back in November I came across Jodel because the app was shown to me by another student – of course on an iPhone. As I was working on different projects at that time, I kept the thing in mind and found some weeks later finally some time to start developing Windows app, which is not available from official site yet – of course.

But at least on the unofficial site this changes now as the development is done and the Store QA passed…

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