Wodel 1.1 comes back with support for new users

Du kannst diesen Eintrag auch auf Deutsch lesen!

With the new version 1.1 Wodel, the unofficial Jodel app for Windows 10, now finally supports new users, because the update uses the newest API of the service. Belonging to that you do not need to wait anymore until you have a karma of 200 or more to downvote posts, additionally this should improve various voting problems, requests, etc.

In the meantime I published some smaller updates for the app, that improved the image holding detection and tweaked a lot of other things, where I always tried to hear to your feedback, as it was possible with the limited time. For example on phone the menu was adjusted to not require scrolling anymore on bigger screens or a button to empty the location cache was added. Of course more updates are coming in the future, though currently I am focusing on finishing the Formula 1 app PitlaneOne for Windows 10.

This might be also a right place to say thanks to the Jodel developers, who helped me with integrating the new API and without them this update would have maybe never been published…

More infos about the Wodel-App can be found here, the free download is available in the Windows Store here. If someone wants to support me with the development, you can do this by spreading the word about the app, leaving a review in the Store or using the button somewhere here on the right 🙂

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