About me

I am a mobile app and web developer with my current focus being cross-platform apps with React Native. My app experience started already in 2011, after I taught myself Symbian C++ to publish my first apps in the Nokia Store, followed by Windows 10.

  • In 2010 programming a hamster in Java were my first steps in software development. With a simple model I learnt the basic concepts of a programming language by teaching the hamster to walk, turn around, collect and leave grains. More complexity was added with recursive methods, path finding algorithms and object-orientated programming.

    Later my focus moved to app development and design for all major platforms including Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows 10 and finally Android and iOS.

    During the computer science studies I had the opportunity to do my first contract works. On them was the official Windows Phone application of the German Football Association DFB, which launched in summer 2015.

    After finishing my bachelor thesis about the cross platform framework React Native I have started developing an app to manage the daily routine of a flight crew while following my second passion - travelling around the world as a cabin attendant...

  • While writing my bachelor thesis in June 2017 I thought about my possible future and decided that for now I do not want to have a 9-to-5 office job for five days a week because I felt wrong having the same daily routine. More randomly I came across a book dealing with the life of a flight attendant and I decided to give it a try.

    A few applications and assessment centers later I got a positive response and sit in a training course to get a cabin crew member soon - something I would have never expected to happen a few months earlier.

    Now all of these is more than a year ago and though a few passengers may be stressful, I am more happier in my job than I have ever been in any office in the past. Not only because I can bring passengers happily to their vacations and by the way see wonderful parts of the world. But also because I still have the time to hang around in code editors and because now I have the posibility to develop what I want when I want it - without any time focus between 9 and 5...

  • Education

    • Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

      2013 - 2017

      Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a focus on complex software systems.
      Thesis: Evaluation of the cross-platform framework React Native for the development of a mobile application


    • Mobile App Development

      React Native is Facebook's open-source cross-platform framework that allows you to write an app for iOS, Android and Windows with only one code.

      Android is the most-used mobile operating system by Google. Apps can be developed with natively with Java or with React Native.

      JavaScript is mainly a web development language, but it is also used to develop apps with React Native.

      Windows 10 is Microsoft's latest operating system. With its versions for Mobile and Xbox it is possible to develop one app for all formfactors using the Universal Windows Platform.

      iOS is Apple's mobile operating system used on iPhone and iPad. App development happens natively in Swift or cross-platform with React Native.

      C# is a programming language used to develop apps for Microsoft devices and systems, for example for Windows 10 or Windows Phone.

      Swift is a programming language developed by Apple. It combines various techniques of modern software development for a clean, simple but fast code.

      The programming language Java is available on nearly every device. This is possible because Java applications are running in its own container which was released for various categories of devices.

      Windows Phone is/was Microsoft's attempt to release a successful mobile operating system. With great ideas it was replaced with Windows 10 Mobile based on the same core than Windows 10.

    • Web Development

      HTML and CSS are the two design languages to create and style websites.

      Beside app development JavaScript is mainly used to add functionality to websites.

      PHP is a programming language to create the background of a website to prepare the data shown to you as well as to handle data you are typing, for example in a contact form.

      SQL is a language that allows you to manage a database to add, remove, edit or filter entries.

    Work experience

    • DFB

      2015 - 2018

      Development and maintenance of the Windows Phone application for the German Football Association (DFB).

    • FlixBus

      2015 - 2017

      Maintenance and consulting of the Windows Phone application for the European intercity bus service FlixBus.

    • Published apps: devattendant.de/apps.

    • More references upon request.