PitlaneOne: F1uptodate is back

Du kannst diesen Eintrag auch auf Deutsch lesen!

As the Formula One Management and the Windows (Phone) versions of F1uptodate have not been the best friends in the last year, because “F1” is a registered trademark (WHY is that possible?), the only way to continue with the app this year was to rename it.
Result: F1uptodate’s new name from now on is “PitlaneOne”. This will not change a lot in functionality, but I want to take a detailed look at every version below. If you are not interested into that, follow here to all App Store links.


Windows 8.1

The Windows 8.1 version does not have a lot of changes comparing to last year. There are some bug fixes and the news feed suggestion list, which is already longer available on Windows Phone, has been added to the Settings on the tablet/PC version.
The Live Scoring data are now optimized and support the new virtual Safety-Car.

Windows Phone 8.1

The Windows Phone version requires at least Windows Phone 8.1. This makes sure, that the app settings are included into the system backup option. Additionally the app shares the same code base as the Windows 8.1 version, though I decided against a universal app because of performance reasons.


The Symbian version got a completely rewritten Live Scoring area, which will display exactly the same data as the Windows (Phone) apps.


I have not released a MeeGo version till now. If someone should be interested into a release for the N9/N950, please shout as there is still some time left until the season start 🙂

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