Caddy goes Camper

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I can no longer remember when, how and why, but sometime around 2018 the YouTube algorithm put one of Rene Kreher’s minicamper videos into my suggestions: I got stuck with the video and started to follow all the adventures that Rene had with his Dacia Dokker minicamper.

Two years and a trial camper tour with a VW T4 later, in early 2020 I was the proud owner of my own VW Caddy, which was converted into a 2 square meter living space on wheels in the first months of the onset of the pandemic. With no headroom (in the end, with a body height of 180 cm, even without an upright seat height apart from the passenger seats) and without a toilet/shower, just a few months later the vehicle contained almost everything that was necessary to live inside of it.

The whole build was the first project of this kind for me: I had never held a jigsaw in my hand before, but I had a basic knowledge of electronics. Thanks to the internet and many different instructions, forums and videos I have almost mastered the entire conversion on my own, which would not have been possible without the many helping hands.

If you would now also like to consider the idea of a compact, fuel-efficient minicamper, I have something for you: I documented my build down to the last detail. Here you will find all topics – from the raw wooden construction to the electronics to the curtains – and various pictures. If you just want to take a quick look at what I used to build it, the parts list will help you in that case.

And if you are looking for inspiration for travel destinations with your minicamper or you are interested in how I managed to lock myself out of my own apartment on wheels, I am happy to refer you to the Caddy on Tour category.